Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cartoon - Shiny Balls

"It all began at the point of no return!"

Judy Maxwell
What's Up Doc?

CM Evans Cartoons

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cartoon - Lack of Imagination Christmas Trees

Ooooh boy, I'm gearing up for the holidays now -- with cartoons! There should be a slew of them following, until the jolly fat man squeezes his ass down the chimney. Excuse me? Like what Clark Griswold said. CM Evans Cartoons

Cartoon - 12 Days of Christmas

Argh! That "12 days of Christmas" song is a song of the insane. It is right up there with Schrödinger's Cat. Who the hell does sh*t like giving gifts like that, over any period of time? Anyone would be completely creeped out.

"Oh my god, he's still sending me gifts."

"Oh no! What did he send this time?"

"Geese shitting eggs all over the place!"

"What? Geese? What's with the birds?"

"I know, I'm still cleaning up from the Hens and the Doves."

CM Evans Cartoons

Monday, December 16, 2013

Cartoon - Holly Jolly

Yeah -- exactly what the mouse in the hole said. CM Evans Cartoons

Cartoon - Christmas Again

Are you all ready for Christmas? I did a cartoon like this last year. This is what I think, when I'm getting ready for Christmas. Now you can see how my mind works, inside. And if I draw this feller one more time, with a small door to a yellow house with an oversized Christmas tree, then he becomes a character. He becomes "Struggling Christmas Tree Insertion Man", or, "Overly Optimistic Solo Tannenbaum Buyer". But also -- I guess the cartoon guy still has to get his lights up. I don't know if he got them going last year. CM Evans Cartoons

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Fred is Stacked

Good old Fred. He's a red male Maine Coon, 7 years old, the best cat in the whole world. Nothing seems to get him down, as long as you give him food, and a place to lay. We've been stacking things on him for years. CM Evans Cartoons

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Post no. 666 -- Doormats! American Thanksgiving! Hanukah!

I started this blog in 2005 and I had no idea it would last this long. So here is post no. 666. I like painting. I especially like painting on doormats. This might be my all-time preferred media. Have a happy Thanksgiving, if you're celebrating, and a happy Hanukah. Next time the American holiday of Thanksgiving and Hanukah will cross, is in about 80,000 years. I don't know if humans will be around, but possibly the cockroaches or raccoons will have evolved sufficiently to enjoy a sumptuous feast. Travel safe, if you are on the road. CM Evans Cartoons

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cartoon - Started in 12

Goes to show you if you start in 12, look out for 1. Obviously, right? Now what about the full moon last night, seen all over the world. It was full right? The majority of us reading this can see a full moon and be next to a Walmart. Throw in some American 1950s rock 'n roll and we're all good. CM Evans Cartoons

Friday, November 15, 2013

Cartoon - When In Rome

I can learn so much from The Classics. It seems sexual harassment and kidnapping were invented later -- might have been after the Renaissance. "The women in course of time lost their resentment." Book 1, page 19, 'Rome Under the Kings', Livy. CM Evans Cartoons

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cartoon - Having Fun

The sky is so nice and blue today. Himlen är så trevlig och blå idag.  CM Evans Cartoons

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cartoon - All My Dreams

I just spent a very pleasant evening at IKEA -- doing nothing but read books in Swedish, and sit on the furniture. I don't read Swedish, so now I should probably learn. I tried out every interesting couch, bed, chair, living room, apartment, and kitchen possible. Took a very careful look at everything from knives, candle lanterns, to stuffed toys. CM Evans Cartoons

Friday, October 25, 2013

Cartoon - Head is a House

I've been reading about Dada at the open reading we have every month. I've never considered how Taoism, Zen, and Buddhism could have influenced Dada. I had one of those realizations that was starkly obvious -- Dada is simple, yet hard to define, it eludes easy categorization, pointedly rambunctious, even mysterious or illusive, but why? How definable is the Tao, or when you try to capture it? Where is the gateless gate? Did Dada really 'die out' as a movement, or has Dada ideals and methods been appropriated by other art movements that are more easily objectified and made into "-isms"? Is Dada lurking, sound and well, under the camouflage of other conceptual and philosophical activities? Of course! I see it! Ba ba Dada! La la Dada! Hoo haaa haa! CM Evans Cartoons

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cartoon - Calling for Bashō

I've been doing some meditative and spiritual work, and I see that one of my greatest defects is 'inflation' -- making my thoughts, feelings, and ideals much bigger than they really are. This tends to influence everything I do, even how I look at people, and how I problem solve. I also tend to be a 'yes man' to hide my stubbornness. There's a fair amount of insecurity running around in the back of my head, too. Well, the good news is by knowing your flaws, by being honest what motivates you, you can start to relate to defects differently and catch them earlier when they run amok. Anyone willing to do this, even try to get honest, I've seen them become so much happier. Bashō believed we can also get to this by embracing nature, and lowering the importance on 'personality'. In the end, we are home everywhere we go, and I'm happy thinking that. CM Evans Cartoons

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cartoon - Meteor Vacation

I've had it. After reading my 10th, or 24th news bulletin, about another surprise meteor being observed in different parts of the world, and how big and awesome it was -- over the past year and a half -- I'm getting all paranoid. I don't remember having so many reports on meteors. It could be that with all the proliferation of dash cameras and camera phones, people can more easily record them fireballs in the sky. But if you were an astronomer and you realized we are going to be smashed by a cloud of space rocks, and we can't do anything about it, I'd probably agree not to talk about it if there was no way of escaping it. This is me being jovial and cheerful. Not being paranoid. Have a nice day. Even if the world ends. It probably won't. CM Evans Cartoons

Monday, October 14, 2013

Cartoon - Robot Story

I hope all you robots out there are having a great day today! If you need any oil or a quick charge, come on by, and I'll see what I can stuff in your socket. CM Evans Cartoons

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Art Dada - "El Diablo de Laguna Beach"

September 29th
Getting started

October 2nd

Just finished a new scarecrow sculpture for a gallery nearby on the PCH. "El Diablo de Laguna Beach". Initially I got stumped on the prospect of building the form of the scarecrow, or integrating it -- it turns out to be a structural issue, and hit a number of discouraging dead ends. Then the work literally built itself in the explosive 'Dada' way -- it came out quick. Dada n'est pas mort! Vive Dada!Made of recycled foam, cardboard, shredded notepapers, tape, and epoxy. It is taller than 6 feet in height. If you're in the area, go see it and vote on it for the competition!

AIR Laguna Gallery -- 658 South Pacific Coast highway, Laguna Beach -- between Legion and Cleo

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cartoon - Party with the Birds

Party with the birds! At dawn and at dusk, my home -- everyday. CM Evans Cartoons

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cartoon - Really

All kinds of things happen to me in this life, and all I can do is appear to be 'normal' when I have bizarre jokes running though my head. CM Evans Cartoons

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Cartoon - Let Me Illustrate

I'm gone like a kook with some patterns and color here. Color can be hard to get into a cartoon. CM Evans Cartoons

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Cartoon - Poor Baby

People are rightly totally unsympathetic when I cartoon like this. Because the Universe sucks. Those who agree with me know what I'm sayin'. I'll go adjust my attitude now, by inventing a new sport, or doing something constructive -- like drinking 50 glasses of water. CM Evans Cartoons

Friday, August 30, 2013

Cartoon - Depressed Star Wars

I've been listening to a lot of French Café music from the 1950s on an old iPod I just found. I think about things like this, simultaneously. Who does not get depressed when they read about the results of researching depressed people -- especially when the results indicate that it is more depressing than previously thought? And everybody knows the 'unshielded thermal exhaust port' is uncovered on the Death Star, and open to the sky, without any overhanging obstructions...so why didn't the Rebels just bomb it from space? Or if bombs couldn't be used, just charge directly down FROM space over the exhaust port, rather than going down a skinny equatorial trench where you have no room to maneuver and can be shot at and ambushed from behind? And, never mind! CM Evans Cartoons

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Non Cartoon - Random Drawings from the Files

I have some deep files, and I've been going through boxes that were inaccessible for a few years, just come to light, so here are some drawings of the non-cartoon variety. I have an interest in the mechanics, or methods, of 'auto-generation' of symbols and language. I've played also with random letter generation, via matrix and diagrams. Also, I've always loved maps, and I was always making new maps of worlds and places to discover.

fig. 1
Mystic tablet, of a series of tablets, designed to generate language and symbolic combinations automatically.
fig. 2
Map from an adventure story/ plot I was fooling around with in the late 1980s, or early 1990s.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cartoon - BigLegs

Two cartoons in one day? Only if you ask me out on a date. No? I was just kidding. JUST KISSING! What? I didn't say anything. No, not what you thought I said. Asking you out on a date? Why, thanks but no. What is your sign? Leo? Cancers don't complement Leo. Because? I don't know. I'm shy.


CM Evans Cartoons

Cartoon - Big Room

Only happens to me once in a great while. CM Evans Cartoons

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cartoon - BM Hobbit Farewell

Most of the time is really easy for me to post text with a cartoon I'm putting up here, and today was going to be one of those days where the words just effortlessly flowed off my fingertips, to the keyboard. The post would be witty, not to snide, nor completely off the wall. You'd smile, roll your eyes, or laugh, when you read the post I was going to write. You might have even shared it with a friend. But this did not happen today. I screwed it up. So blah blah blah. My bike tire has a flat. CM EVANS CARTOONS

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Picture - A Cartoonist Laughing in a Tree

OK -- here I am -- laughing in a tree. Have you ever tried cartooning in a tree? Good luck! CM Evans Cartoons

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Picture - For Some FRONT is the new Back

A picture, not a cartoon. I can't get this figured out. XXXOOXXX CM EVANS CARTOONS

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cartoon - Trio Shoe Store

I wonder if I go to the Succotash Justice Law Center, the Sewing Marine Company, and the Cupcake Insurance Group, I'll be able to eat a legal meal, get my torn pants fixed with nautical strength thread, and insure my pound cake -- all in on afternoon? Well, at least I don't have to wait for 'the other shoe to drop'. I have an extra one! CM Evans Cartoons

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cartoon - Old Fashioned

Yep, in the 'olden days', when ya had a hankerin'* for some gal or guy, and phones didn't exist, and electricity was mysterious, you'd sit down and write them a post card. But post cards were invented after phones, though, so never mind. I was thinking about a telegram. No I wasn't.

CM Evans Cartoons

* Hankerin', Hankern', Hank-er-un', Hankrin', Ben Franklin', Hunkerun', Hunkrin'

Monday, August 12, 2013

Cartoon - Roll Over, Erwin Schrödinger -- Your Cat Story is Stupid

"Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the life of Austrian physicist and Nobel Prize winner Erwin Schrödinger (August 12, 1887 — January 4, 1961), a founder of quantum physics who used cats to explain things long before Internet cat videos became cool."

Nice! And here is mine. Happy 147th birthday, Schrödinger, or 233rd birthday -- or however vastly old you'd be, if it was possible you'd be alive today. Or even want to be alive today. Which always confused me, on how they keep celebrating birthdays of certain celebrities and famous people, as if they'd still be alive now.

And I also wondered how long you'd realistically be able leave any normal cat in a box, before you'd basically know the cat was going to be dead, no matter what simultaneous state it theoretically be in. You know what I mean? Cats fuck with everything. You can't blame the cat.

Not to be overly critical, but I think Schrödinger's cat story is stupid, and it always was stupid. But professors have been telling it for so long to students, and expecting them to know it, we pretend it makes sense. Why not a baby with a flamethrower, or a walrus with a hand-grenade?

Well, nevermind! Drink up! Three cheers to Erwin Schrödinger! Nobel Prize winner Erwin Schrödinger, alive! Yes! Nobel Prize winner Erwin Schrödinger, dead! I heard he was master of Kung-Fu too. Too bad he didn't give us some snappy Kung-Fu analogies.

CM Evans Cartoons

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cartoon - Denmark

I have a friend staying in the city of Aalborg, and being jet-lagged, he has some questions about Denmark. Knowing nothing about Denmark I tried to help him out, about some of the countries' customs, building regulations, and geological situation. He said that there are many modern Danish brick buildings, and I told him that these were 'mock' brick Danish buildings -- because bricks are illegal in Denmark. Bricks are prohibited, because a brick might fall on someone and they'd get hurt. He remarked that the city is very flat, and I told him Aalborg sold most of its hills to San Francisco, during the gold rush in California. Those where the days! I think he's asleep now. I'm glad to be of service. I guess, in a pinch, when someone is jet-lagged, I can be an expert on just about anything. CM Evans Cartoons

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Cartoon - Funny Cartoon

Here it is -- the perfect apology message for all of you who innocently go on a blind date and get drunk, or you drink too much, and it isn't anyone's fault specifically (or the bartender's) -- and a bunch of things go down, but you manage to get home with the date anyways, and you get lost in the house and can't find a way out while some small dogs chase you unmercifully around, while some stuff gets broken and you pee in a small bathroom that is full of shoes and dresses. CM Evans Cartoons

Monday, August 05, 2013

Cartoon - Genie

Sometimes we don't know a good thing until we mess it up. Or, this is just me.

CM Evans Cartoons


Shout out to my buddies from Macedonia. Latvia -- you too -- you're amazing. If there is a pretty girl in Latvia, and you like my work, let's go out.

Bar Sketch

This is what a bar looks like at about 2.00 AM -- when most people there are drunk and rotating around in circles in the center of the room, or else making out furiously in the corners & under tables.

At "The Pikey".

Cartoon -- A Scoop of LA Zeitgeist / Midnight LA Cartoon no.3

One more -- yessire. Very very upstanding.

CM Evans Cartoons

Cartoon -- A Scoop of LA Zeitgeist / Midnight LA Cartoon no.1

A scoop of LA zeitgeist.

Drawn at 'The Pikey' on W Sunset Boulevard. We had a good old time.

CM Evans Cartoons

Cartoon -- A Scoop of LA Zeitgeist / Midnight LA Cartoon no. 2

Another cartoon drawn at 'The Pikey'.

CM Evans Cartoons

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cartoon (s) - Forget & Big

As an artist, I prefer my work to speak for itself -- so speak, work -- speak!

CM Evans Cartoons

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cartoon - Spic n Span

Ok -- Now how often does this happen? In drawing this, I confess, I was a bit worried about getting the push brooms drawn right. But see, they came out just fine -- big and awkward.

Some people joke that when you start to really get your life together, it is like stomping on the brakes on a runaway truck. The first jolt is when the truck stops. The second series of jolts, is when all the crap that is in the back of the truck flies trough the air from the back of the truck, to the front of the truck, because you stopped.

But you know, I've been building my life back for over three years, so not much shit is flying from the back to the front that I forgot I had back there.

CM Evans Cartoons

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cartoon - How Did Your Blind Date Go?

Here is an example of a cartoon, before I edit it

and then afterwards.

Howard Hughes, though admirable, is not a very good subject to break out with pretty girls on first dates, especially blind dates, nerdboys. I suggest you try topics like bar décor, if you are in a bar -- hobbies, or humorous observations. I you especially daring -- oh, never mind. I was going to say tell a joke, but you'd just be better off encouraging her to talk about what she is interested in.

CM Evans Cartoons

Friday, June 28, 2013

Cartoon - Tesla Monopoly

I think this could be a good thing. I mean, an 'enhancement'. It would be hard to insure. CM Evans Cartoons

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cartoon - Good to Go

Three cartoons in one day. I think I'm gonna post 400 more cartoons tomorrow. CM Evans Cartoons

Cartoon - Bowling Chains

This just happened. CM Evans Cartoons

Cartoon - My Way

I had a hernia operation this month, and look what happens. Very few cartoons. Horrible! CM Evans Cartoons