Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cartoon - Unspeakable Evil

I can hardly comprehend the horrifying significance of this cartoon. Nor can I fully grasp its harrowing connotations -- or the shattering monstrosities in what it implies. My consciousness fades before it, my limited views have been demolished. That and I've been watching all the Star Trek movies, one by one, in sequential order. And for each movie -- the budget for the film gets larger.

Oh, no -- I looked on the internets -- it is not true. Did you know the first Star Trek cost 35 million to make and the second one, cost 12 million? CM Evans Cartoons

Friday, January 24, 2014

Cartoon - Nano Nano

See, the thing is, I customized my news feeds with Google News, and I have, apparently, the "uber nerd science discovery" updates now. I mean, Google calls it "Breaking News in Science and Technology" And I've been enjoying the thumping boffin nerd-scientist breaking news immensely. I make jokes now on emerging scientific phenomenon, technology, and techniques I have no understanding of.

Hey -- lots of people do all the time -- right? :- )

Also -- I've learned that dogs pee aligned to magnetic fields, you can make micro-bots fly like jelly-fish, all our water on Earth came from outer-space, there are icebergs made of diamonds on Neptune, and bees are picky pollinators.

What will scientists and researchers discover tomorrow? I can't wait! I'm hoping they discover water in micro-gravity enhances the senses in REM sleep, bacon has a unique baconian element they decide to call B! in the periodic table, and all lost socks end up in parallel universes by sock-worm holes that only work for dirty single socks.

CM Evans Cartoons

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cartoon - Protein Theft

Lh huhu hi ih I hihuhiuh ih ui iu u hihiuhiu I iu hi, hihuhihiuuh iu hiuh iuhi ih uiuh uiuh uu hiuhuh hi u hiuh iuhiuh hiu huhu h --  okpo poopop okpo ppo pokoo. Rguy ggjhgu juygyy jgjg y gjg jgj jyg g. Yguyg ugyg yuygyu guy yggu guyguygyg?

Yguyg ugyg yuygyu guy yggu guyguygyg!

U iuh iuh iuhiuh uihuhuhu -- jkjn kjn kjnkjkj j nj. Uh iu hihuhuhiuh uhuh. joijojoij amp; oijiojijo joio iji j jioij ijoiijiij oijioijii o ij ioi j ijijoijijo -- j ooijoijoi jioj oij.  Jjioojoi jioij ojioi, oijoijjijoiji.

Kewqk  qeq elkq kq l kjeqlkqe j lkq lkjewq lke!

CM Evans Cartoons

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cartoon - Taking a Peek, Schrödinger

Well, OK. At it again with the cat and the Schrodinger.* This time they can look in the box. They can they can. But should scientists be descending into the insane nonsense of this analogy to start with?** It is the kind of arguments or ideas that zombies would come up with. CM Evans Cartoons

* Schrödinger Cat

* * Roll Over, Erwin Schrödinger -- Your Cat Story is Stupid

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cartoon - Printabel Food

Printable food? Shoot -- if it works, it will take over the restaurant industry and make food ordering and dining insane.

"Can I have the pork chop exported extra crispy, and more tan in the highlights?"

"Last time we were here the celery flambé was not color corrected."

"Fool! Don't tell me this pudding is not dot-shifted!"

I guess some will look forward to this. There will be places where you can see the machine build the meal before your very eyes! On the table! You'll even be able to adjust how hot it is, and if it will give you bad breath or the farts. Extra farty, please.

And with all of this progress, I know some of us will be eating a different way occasionally. We'll be going to truly select and rare 'fine dining' establishments -- where there is no networking in the walls and they actually CUT and COOK the food.

With fire!

CM Evans Cartoons

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cartoon - Grace and Diginity

Turns out after much rigorous spiritual development and untiring prayer, meditation, and focused effort -- from my highest spiritual ideals and goals -- I have a lot of disposable Grace and Dignity. And now that is has been all used up, I get to start all over again. CM Evans Cartoons

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cartoon - KabbaKibble

If there are any beautiful woman, would like to go out with a cartoonist who draws pictures of mouseholes, please let me know. This cartoon, I have no idea what it means. But I do like the lines. I'll write a bit more about what this cartoon really means, after I get a date with a beautiful woman who like cartoonists who draw pictures of mouseholes. No, I am not holding my breath -- no wait! Someone just threw a brick through my window. Ah --saved! CM Evans Cartoons

Cartoon - W O W

Did I make your eyes bleed? My son last night attended a monster truck rally in Angel's Stadium in Anaheim, CA. A good time was had by all. Interesting, I found out today that the Italian Monster Truck Racing Association  / Italiana Truck Enorme Fraterna Groupo (ITEFG)), has announced a new monster truck racing series that will be scheduled, tentatively at the Vatican, for later 2014. Scheduled in historic St. Peter's Square, to appear will be the terrifying "La Santa Famiglia" formerly known as "Incitatus", now sponsored exclusively by the Holy See -- thus the new name. Also in the competing, "St. Peter" (formerly known as "Hell Crasher"), "St. Paul" (formerly going by the name "Ravenna Revenge") and a small FIAT monster truck renamed "Lamb of God" will all be appearing for this epic first-ever racing challenge. Details to follow, when they are known. CM Evans Cartoons

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Cartoon - Rhymes

You know, 'rhymes' is a strange word to be writing more than a few times. It just seems to be stupid. Is that really a word? In Latin, 'rhyme' is sane subinuidi -- in Zulu it is imvumelwano, in Marathi it is यमक, and Maori it is pehepehe. It trade any day, with any of those words.

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