Monday, April 30, 2007

Cartoon - I Want 2 B a Pirate

Missed the Thursday update -- sorry -- I was helping my wife move out of her studio space and we had to flog it over the weekend to get things done, but we made it. My back hurts. If I was a pirate, everything would be different. Probably much worse. Yo ho ho, my lads & lassies. Or is that ladies? No, only a nerd pirate would say, "Yo ho ho my lads & ladies." CM Evans Cartoons

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

BM - Who Did It

Everyone likes the smell of their own farts, I have been told. I tend to agree. I am sure I could dig up some ancient viking quote that attests to this. But we're mostly prudish nowadays about farts and other bathroom humor, which is sad indeed. I mean, what can you say about your era, where you are more comfortable seeing someone get shot in the head with a grenade launcher, or go to a movie where people are hacked to bloody shreds with a saw in graphic detail, but someone farting is near the top of the list of the most disgusting things you can imagine. O times. O morals. CM Evans Cartoons

Friday, April 20, 2007


I posted this on Thursday on the website, but not here right away because I got busy with work, and also I am trying to finish the manuscript of a book of short stories I am getting ready to publish through CafePress. It should be cool when I get it uploaded. I am excited. I just have to design the spine and add a few more short stories to it. CM Evans Cartoons

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Newsflash -- CM Evans Custom Postage Stamps @ CafePress

I created three custom postage stamps over at my store, The Refreshingly Obscure Online Mercado, at CafePress -- Phoebe Cat, Cosmic Swiss Cheese, and the BM "Tell it like it is". The designs come in books of 20 stamps, each. I like making these, so I plan on designing some more, using my daughter's artwork, and more of my cartoons.

Cartoon - Directions

Hello, welcome to Tuesday. If you need directions to get somewhere, I have them for you here. I like helping out any way I can, if I can. Sometimes it is best just to close your eyes, and randomly point at this diagram, then open your eyes, to come up with the appropriate answer. CM Evans Cartoons

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cartoon - Note to Self

This is great advice. It seldom does you wrong. You could make it a habit. It would be very timely if you started doing it. I would applaud you if you did it. CM Evans Cartoons

Cartoon - Flying Saucer

It is a crazy, crazy, crazy world where just about anything can happen, man. Like sh*t with flying saucers. All the time. I posted this (cartoon no. 888, BTW) on Tuesday, but I was too busy to add it to the blog. My bad. CM Evans Cartoons

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cartoon - Kiss Direction

Hey I like it when kisses are directed at me. CM Evans Cartoons

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cartoon - Organized Sports

I love organized sports. I hate football. I hate basketball. I hate golf. I hate swimming. I hate checkers. I hate soccer. I hate rugby. I hate hockey. I hate track & field. I hate gymnastics. I hate ice-fishing. I hate competitive guacamole making. I hate origami racing. I love hurley. How do I hold so much sport hate and love in my heart and get on with things? I don't get on with things. CM Evans Cartoons