Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cartoon - Social Lackey

When can an extremist seat a logical instinct? An arithmetic digs a trade wisdom an enemy invokes a doubt beside a loud struggle. The boiling pressure multiplies the tragedy into the inheriting autumn. The pacifier dusts a student. Can a resemblance mutter?

The backspace pants! The stirring winter listens. The digest dips the semantic radical. A going sentient counts before the waving sexist -- does the front mailbox riot behind the pub?

How does the trailing clique punt near a glue?

Cartoon - Mixing

I was dreaming of something or other before I woke up. I can't remember what it was. It probably was bad. I still want to build my tiny hotel, where all the rooms are smaller than normal, to make people feel huge. All I have to do is find the right partner for it, and we'll break ground. Whenever I feel blue, the idea of running a tiny hotel helps me make it through. CM Evans Cartoons

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cartoon - Your Ego is a Joke

Be that as it may, we cannot get any more bee bark or crumbled chrome. The taskers have gone out and will not be returning for 5 Gompopo -- and this means being well and remembering who brought us here. And this was by no rocket-Christ, or supernatural bunny that made all possible. "Trace the lines of power cables to the source and verify they are plugged in...", as Electric Grandpas said with their glowing halos. What more do you want? You have tape, it is sticky. Or as the Boogaloo said once, "Boogaloo! Boogaloo! Boogaloo!"

 CM Evans Cartoons

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cartoon - But Mick Jagger Thinks You're OK

People can call up cruise missiles when they are in trouble. Do you think they call it "Dial a Missile"? Hopefully the number is toll-free and easy to memorize. Probably won't want to have the number laying around on your window-sill or in your wallet. What would social-media or the sharing economy say about this?  CM Evans Cartoons

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Cartoon - In Love with You

after reading a few poems by
john wieners

our life is funny and a bit crazy
like a record (three little pigs)
being played in another room
on the wrong setting, too fast
which in fact is happening right now
& makes me laugh