Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cartoon - Artificial

I saw someone doing this. They were going to pile the presents on the bottom half, and make some kind of lamp with the top half. They couldn't figure out why their kids started crying. Then, finally, they swore and said,  "...if people wanted to have one complete Christmas Tree in one room, like everybody else does, and never try to do things differently, then fine." Ho ho ho ho! CM Evans Cartoons

Cartoon - Catch Me a Santa

We got a few more days to go before Christmas, if the world does not end tomorrow. Being that I counted on things to keep going, tomorrow should be a big shopping day for me, to see if I can get any "END OF THE WORLD" discounts. Here's a cartoon I drew back in the day, we had a cat that got her tail stuck on a flytrap on Christmas Eve at about 2 O'clock in the morning, and that is where I go this idea from. CM Evans Cartoons

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cartoon - Way Bigger

Indeed, they do turn out that way, often. Who ever bought a Christmas Tree, and it turned out to be TOO SMALL? CM Evans Cartoons

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Cartoon - Twinkle Monkey

I've been getting many gag ideas from reading news headlines. I was trying to get hilarious ideas from reading the Roman historian Livy, but he wasn't funny enough, unless you're keen on jokes about his outward seeming opposition of any sort of sedation to restore Rome to a Republic, Livy's supernatural expressions of historical events, or his relevant advocacy of ancient morality. LOL! CM Evans Cartoons

Thursday, December 06, 2012


Hey I wanted to submit some more magic cartoons to the UK publication that will be coming out with a 'magic' theme edition, but the deadline is closed. So here is one more drawing* that crossed my brain**. YOU CAN DO MAGIC TOO!^ CM Evans Cartoons

* Ningún animal fue dañado en la construcción de este dibujo animado

** Mein Geist ist voller zerbrochener Teetassen und alter Käse 

 ^ Gamle psykiatere er ikke så aktiv som gamle bygningsarbejdere

Cartoon - Lookin' Fer More

I first drew this cartoon with the fella holding the two pieces of paper over his head. But I've been drawing a lot of cartoons with 'arms up in the air', so now he's dragging the paper. Two years ago I repetitively drew cartoons of cars going off cliffs. What I really would like, is to work in more bowling balls, squirrels, fire, and taffy into my humor. Wait, nix the bowling balls. Possibly this is a New Years Resolution.

 La primera vez que hizo este dibujo animado con el chico sosteniendo las dos hojas de papel sobre su cabeza. Pero he estado dibujando un montón de dibujos animados con "brazos en el aire", por lo que ahora se está arrastrando el papel. Hace dos años me repetitiva dibujó caricaturas de los coches pasando por los acantilados. Lo que realmente me gusta, es trabajar en las bolas de bowling más, ardillas, fuego y chicloso en mi humor. Espera, nix las bolas de bowling. Posiblemente se trata de una Resolución de Año Nuevo

 CM Evans Cartoons