Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cartoon - A Rise by Any Other Name

Politics parades people -- an oppressive planetary ideology believes in atheism or religion. People naturally strain above Politics and hesitate outside intolerance. Underneath Politics yawns the family. They always have yawned at this -- in a way it isn't real if all is on order and we accept responsibility of being good neighbors. Time reverts in Age and kids act outside the sunny equilibrium we wish to imagine. A pit chases every ripped attribute: why do we let a petty irritation turn into a curse that will hum into the reckless cyclone of activity? When can Age keep us from being merely a parrot of our own biases? CM EVANS CARTOONS

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Cartoon - I Have a Hard Time

Sometimes I wish I knew you well. But then again, it is okay we don't know each other, because last time I got to know you, you ate all my food and threw up on the furniture.

My mind is like a weather-vane. Or is it my ego that is the cute rooster with an arrow that thoughts blow around in circles? I had a dream you were coming back, but I get pointed in the wrong direction all the time. What torture.

In any case, benevolently I am sure I provide lots of laughs for higher multidimensional super-intelligent beings eons beyond my primitive level of technology. And with that a possibility, what could go wrong, or how could anything be intolerable?

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