Thursday, November 30, 2006

Link Added - ordinary things - Ozge Samanci

Via, I found this cartoon website called ordinary things, by Ozge Samanci, a site that has work that is actually not that ordinary -- not many color cartoon websites take my interest, but I enjoyed this person's technique. Plus he (or she) can draw too, which you see in cartooning less and less of, nowadays. Here are a few more that I liked -- coffee table, masculine, chair, street dog. Links section

Cartoon - Dance Rioters

Watch out for those disaffected drama students -- I was one once...they will stop at nothing & indeed will laugh gleefully when their plan works to shake up the savage discord and massive cacophony of a downtown dance riot! CM Evans Cartoons

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cartoon - BM - Bubbles n Saws

I drew these sorta shaky & trippy BMs a few weeks ago when I was high on vicodin due in part to my newly busted wrist. Wrist is now healing just fine, with about 5 screws, a plate, some wire, and a big pin inserted. I get the cast off just before xmas. Wish my wrist luck on being back 100%. CM Evans Cartoons

Friday, November 24, 2006

Link Added - FriendsWithYou via HI FRUCTOSE

I found this interesting website today through a new art magazine called HI FRUCTOSE-- it is called FriendsWithYou -- unique merchandise -- some books, mostly dolls, etc. Don't forget to look at the links section of HI FRUCTOSE as well! Links section

Holiday Greetings & Cartoon

Wooo wooo whoooo! Hope ya'll had a fine iThanksgiving as opposed to having a Now get ye to a Mall and shop yer damn brains out. Here's my Christmas list:

- Gunpowder
- Several Pounds of Ribs
- 1 Gallon, each, of White, Black, Tan, Buff, Silver, Grey, Blue, Slate & Tope Interior Latex Paint, Semi Gloss*
- Booze
- Any Marx Brothers Movie
- String**
- Geiger Counter
- Classical Music^
- A Big Cowboy Hat
- Lighter Fluid^^
- Wooden Matches ~

So there it is. Good luck with parking! CM Evans Cartoons

* None of that cheap shit paint, either -- I want Ralph Lauren. For a series of Jackson Pollock style of action-paintings I am doing.

** Twine, really. No spun nylon, please.

^ Mozart, Handel

^^ To soak the Cowboy Hat in

~ To ignite Cowboy Hat

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Links Added - American Science and Surplus/ Archie McPhee

Added 2 new links to the Links section -- first one is the comprehensive American Science and Surplus. I mean, if you want giant magnets, bizarre brushings, gears, pulleys, belts and chains, robot parts, and a load of other stuff for taking over the neighborhood and then the world, you can get it here. Think of that site as a scientific version of the sublime Archie McPhee -- another great potpourri-type merchandise site -- go there for your catapults, tub o flying cats, devil ducks, Moses (and other historical personalities) Action Figures, and Cowboy Theme Band-Aids. I hope you enjoy. This link. And that link. Links Section

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cartoon - Elephants and Monkeys

I did these little illustrations for Opium Magazine. I think the monkey on roller-skates needs a nose, though. CM Evans Cartoons

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cartoon - To the Gun Store

Whenever I feel blue, and I don't know what to do, I go down to the Gun Store and buy me up a big gun with lots of attachments on it for scopes, muzzle-breaks, bayonets, tazers, lasers, extra large clips, special combat grips, and stuff like that. Then I go home and watch a war movie and drink. Works every time! CM Evans Cartoons

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cartoon - Old Jars

Hey lookit this -- a picture of old jars. Hey -- I broke my left wrist the day after Candy Day. What a bummer! Laid my bike down too. Double-bummer. CM Evans Cartoons