Friday, October 25, 2013

Cartoon - Head is a House

I've been reading about Dada at the open reading we have every month. I've never considered how Taoism, Zen, and Buddhism could have influenced Dada. I had one of those realizations that was starkly obvious -- Dada is simple, yet hard to define, it eludes easy categorization, pointedly rambunctious, even mysterious or illusive, but why? How definable is the Tao, or when you try to capture it? Where is the gateless gate? Did Dada really 'die out' as a movement, or has Dada ideals and methods been appropriated by other art movements that are more easily objectified and made into "-isms"? Is Dada lurking, sound and well, under the camouflage of other conceptual and philosophical activities? Of course! I see it! Ba ba Dada! La la Dada! Hoo haaa haa! CM Evans Cartoons

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cartoon - Calling for Bashō

I've been doing some meditative and spiritual work, and I see that one of my greatest defects is 'inflation' -- making my thoughts, feelings, and ideals much bigger than they really are. This tends to influence everything I do, even how I look at people, and how I problem solve. I also tend to be a 'yes man' to hide my stubbornness. There's a fair amount of insecurity running around in the back of my head, too. Well, the good news is by knowing your flaws, by being honest what motivates you, you can start to relate to defects differently and catch them earlier when they run amok. Anyone willing to do this, even try to get honest, I've seen them become so much happier. Bashō believed we can also get to this by embracing nature, and lowering the importance on 'personality'. In the end, we are home everywhere we go, and I'm happy thinking that. CM Evans Cartoons

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cartoon - Meteor Vacation

I've had it. After reading my 10th, or 24th news bulletin, about another surprise meteor being observed in different parts of the world, and how big and awesome it was -- over the past year and a half -- I'm getting all paranoid. I don't remember having so many reports on meteors. It could be that with all the proliferation of dash cameras and camera phones, people can more easily record them fireballs in the sky. But if you were an astronomer and you realized we are going to be smashed by a cloud of space rocks, and we can't do anything about it, I'd probably agree not to talk about it if there was no way of escaping it. This is me being jovial and cheerful. Not being paranoid. Have a nice day. Even if the world ends. It probably won't. CM Evans Cartoons

Monday, October 14, 2013

Cartoon - Robot Story

I hope all you robots out there are having a great day today! If you need any oil or a quick charge, come on by, and I'll see what I can stuff in your socket. CM Evans Cartoons

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Art Dada - "El Diablo de Laguna Beach"

September 29th
Getting started

October 2nd

Just finished a new scarecrow sculpture for a gallery nearby on the PCH. "El Diablo de Laguna Beach". Initially I got stumped on the prospect of building the form of the scarecrow, or integrating it -- it turns out to be a structural issue, and hit a number of discouraging dead ends. Then the work literally built itself in the explosive 'Dada' way -- it came out quick. Dada n'est pas mort! Vive Dada!Made of recycled foam, cardboard, shredded notepapers, tape, and epoxy. It is taller than 6 feet in height. If you're in the area, go see it and vote on it for the competition!

AIR Laguna Gallery -- 658 South Pacific Coast highway, Laguna Beach -- between Legion and Cleo