Friday, October 25, 2013

Cartoon - Head is a House

I've been reading about Dada at the open reading we have every month. I've never considered how Taoism, Zen, and Buddhism could have influenced Dada. I had one of those realizations that was starkly obvious -- Dada is simple, yet hard to define, it eludes easy categorization, pointedly rambunctious, even mysterious or illusive, but why? How definable is the Tao, or when you try to capture it? Where is the gateless gate? Did Dada really 'die out' as a movement, or has Dada ideals and methods been appropriated by other art movements that are more easily objectified and made into "-isms"? Is Dada lurking, sound and well, under the camouflage of other conceptual and philosophical activities? Of course! I see it! Ba ba Dada! La la Dada! Hoo haaa haa! CM Evans Cartoons

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