Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cartoon - Calling for Bashō

I've been doing some meditative and spiritual work, and I see that one of my greatest defects is 'inflation' -- making my thoughts, feelings, and ideals much bigger than they really are. This tends to influence everything I do, even how I look at people, and how I problem solve. I also tend to be a 'yes man' to hide my stubbornness. There's a fair amount of insecurity running around in the back of my head, too. Well, the good news is by knowing your flaws, by being honest what motivates you, you can start to relate to defects differently and catch them earlier when they run amok. Anyone willing to do this, even try to get honest, I've seen them become so much happier. Bashō believed we can also get to this by embracing nature, and lowering the importance on 'personality'. In the end, we are home everywhere we go, and I'm happy thinking that. CM Evans Cartoons

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