Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cartoon Challenge - Most Geniussy

Here is a cartoon for my friend, and valiant student, 'Everything n Nothing At All', who, when I challenged her to give me a cartoon challenge, wrote: "Draw a really frustrated, almost broke college girl. Go ahead, immortalize me!!!"

I hope I hit the mark. I've been there too -- living in the Mission District in San Francisco, in at 10 x 10 room so small I had to turn the bed into a loft, going to SF State. I was always amused that full-time students are not eligible for food-stamps or assistance, because they are full-time students, and therefore classified as someone who is not worthy of being assisted. ; - )

Have a instructive weekend! 

CM Evans Cartoons

Friday, September 14, 2012

Cartoon - Hypno Dude

Let me give a shout out to people who have arrived from Mexico, Indonesia, and the Philippines! Please come back, all, more cartoons to follow.

I have decided to incorporate hypnotism into everything I do, from now on. Starting with my music. Then my everyday casual gestures. Then with the ladies -- whoot whoot whoot! CM Evans Cartoons

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cartoon - Notes

Just the way I am, I can't help myself. If you have a note around, or a list, or a bill, and it has room, I will most likely cartoon on it. Makes for some interesting situations, like with official documents -- ones that go to court and a judge reviews. Well, anyways, what can I do? Why did you leave it around, that paper with some blank space on it, unsupervised? Today is the day for another cartoon. CM Evans Cartoons

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Cartoon - Too Afraid

So here you are, you meet someone, who you can't make fun of their name. You can't, because just one of their ARMS is bigger than your whole BODY. And you probably get stuck sitting next to them in coach on a flight for 8 hours, and they try to be nice and not completely crush you by folding their arms across their chest. Then you feel extra bad, because you want to make fun of their name, but the person you feel like mocking obviously is trying very patently & graciously not to be a problem, and you are a resentful shrimp with bad manners. People like you go straight to Hell. They go to Hell and God cheers, and the Devil weeps. CM Evans Cartoons


Şalgam: Artıq gələn üçün təşəkkür edirik. Aşağı oturmaq edin.
Kök: Mən keçi nifrət!!
Şalgam: Biz burada heç bir keçi var. Biz ötən həftə onlara qanundankənar elan.
Kök: Siz problem pis, axmaq etdik! İndi yalnız Outlaws keçi var!
Çörək: O, Şalgam doğru deyil! O, doğru deyil!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Cartoon - Ugg Boots

"All of us have a place in history. Mine is clouds." -- Richard Brautigan

Today, I cannot help but watch and admire the fluffy clouds/ Richard Brautigans as they glide through the sky. I see one Richard Brautigan is clearly drunk, heading the wrong way, with its pants sagging and big hat askew, dreamily going against the procession. The other Richard Brautigans flow on, flow on. I imagine rain/ iDEATH will be falling later in the day, by 3 o'clock, most likely. CM Evans Cartoons