Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cartoon Challenge - Most Geniussy

Here is a cartoon for my friend, and valiant student, 'Everything n Nothing At All', who, when I challenged her to give me a cartoon challenge, wrote: "Draw a really frustrated, almost broke college girl. Go ahead, immortalize me!!!"

I hope I hit the mark. I've been there too -- living in the Mission District in San Francisco, in at 10 x 10 room so small I had to turn the bed into a loft, going to SF State. I was always amused that full-time students are not eligible for food-stamps or assistance, because they are full-time students, and therefore classified as someone who is not worthy of being assisted. ; - )

Have a instructive weekend! 

CM Evans Cartoons


Everything n Nothing At All said...

My face just broke into a big smile when I saw this! You are amazing! Just plain amazing and the most geniussy. I love it!

CM said...