Friday, January 24, 2014

Cartoon - Nano Nano

See, the thing is, I customized my news feeds with Google News, and I have, apparently, the "uber nerd science discovery" updates now. I mean, Google calls it "Breaking News in Science and Technology" And I've been enjoying the thumping boffin nerd-scientist breaking news immensely. I make jokes now on emerging scientific phenomenon, technology, and techniques I have no understanding of.

Hey -- lots of people do all the time -- right? :- )

Also -- I've learned that dogs pee aligned to magnetic fields, you can make micro-bots fly like jelly-fish, all our water on Earth came from outer-space, there are icebergs made of diamonds on Neptune, and bees are picky pollinators.

What will scientists and researchers discover tomorrow? I can't wait! I'm hoping they discover water in micro-gravity enhances the senses in REM sleep, bacon has a unique baconian element they decide to call B! in the periodic table, and all lost socks end up in parallel universes by sock-worm holes that only work for dirty single socks.

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