Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cartoon - Printabel Food

Printable food? Shoot -- if it works, it will take over the restaurant industry and make food ordering and dining insane.

"Can I have the pork chop exported extra crispy, and more tan in the highlights?"

"Last time we were here the celery flambé was not color corrected."

"Fool! Don't tell me this pudding is not dot-shifted!"

I guess some will look forward to this. There will be places where you can see the machine build the meal before your very eyes! On the table! You'll even be able to adjust how hot it is, and if it will give you bad breath or the farts. Extra farty, please.

And with all of this progress, I know some of us will be eating a different way occasionally. We'll be going to truly select and rare 'fine dining' establishments -- where there is no networking in the walls and they actually CUT and COOK the food.

With fire!

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