Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cartoon - Denmark

I have a friend staying in the city of Aalborg, and being jet-lagged, he has some questions about Denmark. Knowing nothing about Denmark I tried to help him out, about some of the countries' customs, building regulations, and geological situation. He said that there are many modern Danish brick buildings, and I told him that these were 'mock' brick Danish buildings -- because bricks are illegal in Denmark. Bricks are prohibited, because a brick might fall on someone and they'd get hurt. He remarked that the city is very flat, and I told him Aalborg sold most of its hills to San Francisco, during the gold rush in California. Those where the days! I think he's asleep now. I'm glad to be of service. I guess, in a pinch, when someone is jet-lagged, I can be an expert on just about anything. CM Evans Cartoons

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