Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cartoon - The Vader Family

Oh Darth Vader.

I tell my son Danny, who is 7, Darth comes from a long line of Vaders.

There is his mother, Madre Vader, and his dad, Vater Vader.

And Oma Vader, and Opa Vader, his grandparents.

There is his cousins Valley Vader (from LA), and Walter Vader, from Seattle.

And his strange relative L. E. Vader who lives in a tall building, and has about 80 cats. All name Vader.

Popo Vader Kitty...

Squish Vader Kitty....

Angry Vader Kitty.....

Then Danny says "Stop, Dad. Just stop. I get it."

"Use the power of the Dark Side, son." I tell him. "I am your father! You!"

Danny gives me a book on garbage trucks to read to him.

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