Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cartoon - Eyes Prize - Or - Sorta Like a Modern Ipsum Lorem

The best thing to be in love with people who are not there, is they never get to disappoint you in real life. I have some gardening tips too, and how to make barbed wire out of wire -- but why stop there? I have a map that shows all the escape route outta of here. I also have a map that shows chickens how to time-travel. It works for gophers, too. So say the intelligent gopher chicken hybrids from 6022 C.E. that are taking over the world disguised as very very attractive aging hippies. But the last thing to remember, is the last thing you remember. How can I tell you this? It is you, remembering the last thing, wherever it is. But the main point -- well, never mind. Or nevermind. The word proves -- don't get real-ended. Be safe, carry a lamp, and find that honest man (or lady) in the world. If you see another lamp lighted wanderer, it is me. Your old friend. CM Evans Cartoons

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