Friday, November 02, 2012

Cartoons - Happy and Sushi

Did you all survive Trick-or-Treating? My apologies to our international visitors, I realize that most of the world does not hold to Halloween.

I had no costume when I took the kids out to Laguna Beach for the festivities on Oak Street -- the residents there shut several blocks down, and they decorate their houses into Halloween extravaganzas. My children SAID I was supposed to create for my left hand a 'Claw-Like Appendage, Dripping in Blood' -- they said it did not have to be made of metal --  I could make it out of cardboard if I wanted to. Unfortunately, I was busy with work, so I did not show up with a claw, and I caught hell for it. Luckily, there was a spare wicker basket and a extra coat, so I quickly transformed into 'Basket-Head Coat-Hair' and this passed as an alternate disguise, due to the sheer insanity of it.

In fact, some drunk people who saw me as 'Basket-Head Coat-Hair' wished they had decided to be something along these lines. CM Evans Cartoons

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