Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cartoon - 35000 Toothbrush

This is a first for all of us -- I don't think I've ever cartooned about a toothbrush. I was watching a documentary last night about a cave in France that has drawings in it that are over 35,000 years old. I made it about half way through the film, because there were way too many scenes of scientists quivering with joy as they walked on metal platforms in the dark, backlit by electric headlamps. They found calcite covered skulls, bones, heaps of ancient trash, and I am sure the bark sports-page will also turn up. Bark lasts a long time, if you seal it in a cave.  CM Evans Cartoons


Everything n Nothing At All said...

My sister had a hamster named Toothbrush except he resembled a different toiletry item - the loofah. Wonder what he'd look like after 35,000 years.

CM said...

LOL -- I love how everything is connected, no matter how crazy things seem. Nice to see you -- I've been visiting your blog and enjoying your posts & artwork. I'll have to go over there and comment some more. Have a lovely day!