Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cartoon - Cloud Erase

Hello there. I have a huge server farm that I outsourced to Romania, or China. I really don't know where it is, and I want you to upload all your information -- financial and personal, to my Cloud service.

You'll sign a NDA that allows me unfettered access to all of your life revealed in that data, to use any information about you to sell you things, and report you to law enforcement when I scrub your data with elegant algorithms, to see what you might purchase, and what bad things you might be inclined to do.

My service is special that way -- not only do I identify you to advertisers, I also anticipate if you will do criminal things in the future based off your patterns in the data. It is free until you need your information back, or you realize your privacy had been hopelessly computerized into a digital guinea pig I can do experiments on. CM Evans Cartoons

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CM said...

Thanks goodness the NSA has a backup