Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cartoon - For the Louvre

I don't know about you, but the Louvre is after me, man -- all over me, and it is outrageous! Have you been harassed by the Louvre? Am I the only guy in the neighborhood with this problem? They call, call, call, text, fax, IM, call, call, call. And what do these folks want? What does the Institution of the Louvre want?? Another 'Grand Painting'. Another huge ocean of canvas, done in the heroic manner, like David. They say I can pick the subject matter. But rhetorically, I ask you -- does not the Louvre have enough majestic paintings like this? The Louvre knows how I feel. But still they persist in asking. No, not asking -- Pestering! Cajoling! Needling! All artists move on, in their creative cycles -- they may go from oils to tempera, or from red to blue. Work I was doing 10 years ago, I am not doing now. 10 Years ago was a lifetime -- then, if you asked me for a 20x60 of a massive turbulent seascape with a burning battleship, at sunset, the ship about to be sunk by a broadside, while at the same time colliding with an insane iceberg packed with a rabid army of 12th century vikings, it would be a pleasure for me. Digressing for a moment: I would say the image I gave, to be a bit 'over the top', but the point is I would do it & I would do it well. But now, I am different. Now it is Calder mobiles. How can I go back? CM Evans Cartoons

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