Sunday, April 06, 2008

News - Apexart Cartoon Show is Up & Running!

We did the opening of the apexart/ Dave Egger's curated cartoon show "Lots of Things Like This" on April 2nd, and it was a smash hit. Almost too much of a good thing -- from the start we had a line of about 50 people going down the block. Rumor is, even David Byrne couldn't get in! If that is true, that's too bad, I would have loved to meet him. The space is a small venue, so we could only hold about 100 people at a time, otherwise we'd have all been crushed to death, and that wouldn't have been fun at all, would it? Part of the frustration stems from (in my opinion) a pent-up demand for installations like this -- funny, satirical, immediate work without a ton of commentary. You go to the space, and it is what it is. I hope people who didn't get in on opening night go back and see the show, it will be up for about a month. apexart does great things for the community and artists, and they definitely deserve the ongoing recognition -- they put their heart and soul into this exhibit. So if you're going to be in NYC or you are already there, go check it out!


Boutros said...

Hey, CM - Byrne did get in and I managed a few pictures of him, though he was elusive and darted about like a moth.

Great meeting you there.

Niki - the photographer

CM said...

Hey -- nice to hear from you. Thanks for the information. It is probably just as well that I didn't know he was there, because I'd probably would have ended up doing something silly like falling down or saying something totally naive & embarrassing. I'm talented in that way with people I admire.

CM said...

And I use words like probably and something too much.