Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cartoon #1000 -- Assemblagist

Posting cartoon number 1000, with a blast from the past and a tip of the hat to Dave Eggers, who back in the day founded a publication called "Might Magazine" in 1994. My 12 panel cartoon "Assemblagist" (a format I had never worked with before, then) ran on the back inside page of the premiere issue -- I couldn't have been more psyched to be included, and have such a great location for my work. Sadly, "Might Magazine" is with us no more.

Looking forward to racking up another 1,000 posted for anyone to see, about humor, satire, and cartoons. Hopefully, also, my work appeals to people who hate cartoons. Then we get this sorta love-hate-thing going on & that can last a long time. Catch ya later & you won't be seeing me "...in the funny papers."




Josh Maday said...

woo hoo! way to go, cm. thanks for all the great cartoons. please, don't stop. ever.

jsrobinson said...

scootermydaisyheads, 1000!

It seems like only yesterday that I saw your first comic, but that was 10 years ago.

Congratulations! I'll always tag you as funny

A Mouse said...

cm. you are a work of art and a good one at that. congrats on the major milestone! keep up the funny.

Erik said...

And remember the time we got that bottle of booze and you churned out like 50 cartoons in one sitting -- most of which were very, very good? I would say that was 1991 or 1992 and I still have a photo of you rolling around my floor, cartoons and cocktail in hand.

CM said...

To EC, "Crazy Legs"...you are right, goodness what fine fine times we had. I will never forget those insane all night drinking & cartooning sessions for The Buffalo Chips, a most worthy publication that came way before Might Magazine, and will always have a special place in my heart for the BC for that reason. I still have many copies of the BC in my files, with some of my BEST work that ever made print via your publication. Thanks for being a good friend and a excellent editor & publisher.

Glacier said...

Wow! 1000 funnies ... that is a lot of strange ideas for one man's head. I loved the assemblagist buy the way. I know people like that. Can't wait to see your 10,000th one!!