Saturday, October 08, 2011

Cartoon - Romeo and Juliet

I think social media has changed everything nowadays, so the past dramas are basically unrecognizable, plot-wise, and things like Shakespeare could use a very good & vigorous updating. I'd write more about this, but let us all consider carefully, before whatever else happens. I'll also admit, frankly, that 14 ton blocks have nothing to do with what I'm suggesting here -- I threw that one in (literally and figuratively) because 14 ton blocks are funny when the fall on unsuspecting people. Monty Python proved this over and over again. I looked for a company in China that makes 14 ton blocks, and there are a few, but for the cost of shipping, it isn't worth it. So when you look at my cartoon, note that this is a 'domestically manufactured' Italian 14 ton block, made from local sands and gravels found in and about the town of Verona. CM Evans Cartoons

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