Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cartoon - Pot Luck

I get invited to a lot of 'pot luck' events, these days. I chalk it up to karma -- the result of the accumulation of all my virtuous and non-virtuous deeds in innumerable past lifetimes. At least, this is what I tell my auto-mechanic when he asks why I go to so many 'pot luck' gatherings. And my mechanic is Italian, or Filipino, and he didn't ask me. I got the clutch changed on my truck, and I got a good walk in, going back to the house. I had to get something for the next 'pot luck' celebration, so I stopped at a Taqueria run by Welsh people, called "Alimentos de La Tierra de Las Rocas y La Hierba #VI" and I got some Sheppard's Pies con Carne. As I walked the rest if the way home, I tired to figure out for me if I was more Northern Italian, German, or Welsh myself. I mean, if my DNA had to fight itself, and have one ethnicity win out for representation, which would it be? When I got home, I decided I'm so 'pot luck' internally, in a boisterous 'pot luck' culture, with so many other lucky 'pot luck' people, life has turned into one big 'pot luck' for me. CM Evans Cartoons

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