Friday, April 08, 2011

Cartoon - Offensive

Politically, I only get mad at any party when they decide to spend my money and expect me to be thankful they know so much better than I do about spending it on things like Civil War Reenactment groups, Memorials to Agricultural Products, Nocturnal Spoon Shining Conventions, and Building Luxury Shitters on the Top of Rarely Visited Mountain Peaks. So I get frustrated at Democrats, Republicans, Left, Right, Center, Tea-Partiers, etc. Coincidentally, I hear the US Federal Government will undergoing a partial shut down if someone doesn't do something, but quite frankly -- I'd be relieved for the Government to be shut down like I'd be satisfied for a drunk idiot with a weed-eater getting locked up for 48 hours after the fella chopped holes all over my yard, while drinking all my beer. Which is what the US Government does to lots of folks irregardless, in a sense, so it must be that the US Government will be temporarily shut down for a few hours or over the weekend when most of 'em wouldn't be doing much but punch the clock. Oh well.

My sympathy though to the Military and to Federal Employees in the USPS. Some of the best people I know are Veterans and Mail Carriers! CM Evans Cartoons

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