Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Cartoon - 2500 Cat

My cat Fred is a sweet boy, no trouble whatsoever -- other than the time he stole a car and then lost the car in Mexico. And the time he cut in line at the airport, causing the TSA to shut down all of JFK in NYC for 12 hours. And the last time he performed at a comedy club in Chicago and did an impression of the "dirtiest joke ever told". And there was that harmless misunderstanding with Charlie Sheen about who bought the catnip vs who brought the bong full of screaming hash from the Green Triangle. A few other things, too, which we agreed to forgive and forget about. Fred's big red Maine Coon, and he'll fool you with his cat-ju-jitsu into feeding him as often as he'd like, if you don't pay attention. CM EVANS CARTOONS

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