Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Cartoon - No Trust FB

Yeah yeah yeah. No trust Facebook now. But it is sorta like getting to be friends with a liar named FB who has a reputation of stealing from everyone the liar is pals with. And your friend FB steals some change from your desk drawer, eats your food when you wanted the food, locks you out of your house when it is raining, possibly takes your car for a day, pretends to be you to get your family to buy shit, and then tries to put your head in a vise and drill holes in your skull to see if it can turn you into a compliant robot human to satisfy whatever it wants. I think I got away. But Google wants to do this to me, too -- or chase me down the street with an army of gun-toting spider robots. I live in a twisted sci-fi fantasy. Sort of like a classic Start Trek. And I'm wearing a red shirt. CM Evans Cartoons

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