Friday, February 21, 2014

Cartoon - Hitting the Motherlode

I was going to draw something else -- but then this showed up somehow. I have no idea why.

I was more trying to coming up with a cartoon, on how birds are actually people. I told my son, who is seven now, that birds don't come from eggs. I explained most birds are people who lied too much. I told my son every time you lie, you get smaller by just a little bit -- it is hardly noticeable. And as you get smaller, your skin starts to become more feathery. You continue to tell fibs, you keep shrinking and getting more and more feathery, and then one day you are a bird!

My son smiled kindly, didn't believe me -- even for one second. You see, I also told him once that keyfobs come from key-trees. I said the keyfobs grow like leaves on the key-tree, and when they are ripe the break off in pairs and fly fly fly to the keystore to be sold as key-fobs.

Oh well. Let me know when you strike it rich.

CM Evans Cartoons

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