Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Cartoon - Go Figure

Here is a bit of brilliance I found on an electronic clipboard:

Note we didin’t take a section of the seq – see if it still misbehaves like this:
No XDCAM presets
User picks NTSC H.264, AAC 48 khz – gets 2 asserts they   – rendering now is grey and scattered
User picks to “Embed in output File” – app asserts, they

User trims the export to be just after the CTI line indicated in the Export Settings preview timeline – app asserts – user it
Exports inprocess - -app asserts – user 

Media Encoder: Error compiling movie. Unknown Error.

AME launches
Exporting completes

I am a poet, no doubt.

CM Evans Cartoons


I had a dream that I was hanging out with a few Nordic gods -- Odin being one of them. All was fine, until this big creature -- something out of Star-Wars, pissed off Odin, so he killed it by jumping through the monster like a Odin-projectile. I remember thinking in the dream, wow, messy, and I guess a God can kill things by jumping through them. Never thought of it that way. Then I wake up.

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