Monday, June 11, 2012

Cartoon - Monday BM

I'm a man of few words, nowadays. But let me tell you about BM, or, Blasphemer Mouse. He's the little guy in the mouse-hole that you can't see, but he talks a lot. BM invented himself, many years ago, in the margins of my sketchbooks. You've seen him around here, from time-to-time. You'll see more of him later. No Justin Beibers / Biebers/ Bibbers/ Slbblers were harmed in any way whatsoever, in the construction of the blog post. CM Evans Cartoons

** Update: After returning to this cartoon today, a day later, I must say -- that is one ugly green gradient!  But it is so ugly, I'm keeping it. It clashes so nicely with the grey gradient on the inside of the frame, don't you think? We don't always have to create beautiful, harmonious things. Consider plaid. Or pinatas?

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