Thursday, February 09, 2012

Cartoon - I Try To

There was a great deal of change, evolution, and uncertainty. During these times of change, or revilement, I would look to see where we were going and familiarize myself with any new documents, wireframes, or technology that would be used next, or we were developing. When I was loaned for a time to test on the Heebie Jeebie's team, I quickly familiarized myself with their program and function and tested to specification when they needed the help. In the end, nothing mattered, but I did this anyways, because it was expected of me. During the focusing and refocusing the needs, scope, and function of the program, I never lost sight of the big picture and was motivated to continue to produce efficiently in any change or unknown. This was particularly challenging being remote and 2 time zones away from the major portions of the team, and the fact we were all looking for scapegoats to blame the whole mess on. CM Evans Cartoons

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