Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cartoon - The Big Cheese

"...If you're running low on arrows, and you are near Ben Sala & you haven't cleared out the mine directly behind the town, you can do a bit of what I call "Arrow Farming" -- go to the mine entrance, and get the skeleton archer's attention, so he starts shooting at you. Now, position yourself just a bit behind the biggest boulder at the inside of the mine entrance, just enough so the archer will keep shooting at you, but not enough to get hit with an arrow. He'll shoot at you for hours -- when you're satisfied with the amount of arrows, go pick them up. If you position yourself just right, the archer will be shooting at the edge of the boulder and the arrows will ricochet to the outside of the mine entrance where you can pick them up, then go back and continue getting shot at..."

From an Old Email
CM Evans Cartoons

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