Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cartoon - Falling

Is this possible? I'm sure it has happened to someone. The insanity is made even funnier (in my opinion), because the surreal image is repeated above and below. The cartoon originally started out as an 'orphaned sketch' -- pictures I draw where there is no caption that readily comes to mind. I save these routinely, and they circulate through my piles of papers for years, until some of them get a tagline. If you rotate the cartoon, you will see this gag started out as a guy laying under a table, next to a chair. I flipped the drawing, saw him 'falling' and then added another table and chair, for the caption. And now I've told most of you way more than you ever wanted to know about how a cartoon turns out & the creative method. Anyways, Crazy Jim in Laguna Beach likes it. CM Evans Cartoons

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CM said...

Someone wrote me and said "...bad things happen when mirror images collide, for any reason..."