Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cartoon - Yellow

I'd like to write something specific for this cartoon, other than it is yellow, made of post-its, plus black magic-marker. And I just did it today. But I don't feel like saying anything else, because sometimes talking about the horizontal positioning verses vertical tension, and the overblown yellowness of it, calculated to bother people -- plus how puerile the first part of it, is. Instead, I'll print the following 2 stories:


Chung Tzu Says Do Something Nice - or - How So

"Do something nice, for a change." says Chung Tzu.

I clean the stove. I put the burner grates in the dishwasher, and set the washer on "Pot Scrub".

"Nice try." says Chung Tzu.

"How so?" I shoot back.

"How so, indeed!" yells Chung Tzu.


Chung Tzu and Stove Parts

Chung Tzu comes over with his friend, Stove Parts. They both look at the glistening, put together stove that I cleaned.

"What do you think?" asks Chung Tzu.

"Oh, I think he did a good job." says Stove Parts.

"Was he nice when he did it?"

"Nice enough, I think. But he could work on being nicer."

"Well, okay, kid." says Chung Tzu. "You shouldn't argue with an expert. You passed."

"Thanks so much" I say.

"But don't forget I'm watching you!" says Chung Tzu as he and Stove Parts leave.



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