Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Links Added - The Bad Cartoonist, The Daily Cartoonist, Comics Curmudgeon

Added "The Bad Cartoonist" to my links section at CM Evans Cartoons. This anonymous guy cracks me up -- he makes some great points about the mediocre state of editorial cartooning & cartoonists. He's new to the blogging scene, some kind of insider that has thrown the professional editorial cartoonist community into a tizzy with some of his acidic comments and perfect examples of the tripe that parades as "great work" by the best of the best. He's been quite now for about a week, so possibly he's been found out. I hope whoever he is, he keeps posting to the site. I've also added "The Daily Cartoonist", a site that tracks the syndicated cartoon industry...who is going up and who is on the way down, book deals, controversies, industry bloopers. Then, I had to include "The Comics Curmudgeon", a very grouchy, funny commentator on "quality" cartooning being done today.

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