Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Greetings from Angry, CA

Greetings from Angry, CA. What is the history and location of the municipality of Angry? Angry (sometimes referred to as "El Rancho de la Cólera" by the inhabitants to confuse outsiders) was founded in 1887 by Riled Joe Thunderson at the foot of the Viejo Hombre Enfurecido Mountains, a few clicks from Slab City or the Salton Sea. The rest of the details of Angry, what they do, why they are there, what is the major industries, lifestyle, etc. is none of my goddamn business. The folks of Angry don't suffer fools, gawkers, tourists, mumblers, idiots, politicians, or mimes. The town motto, carved over the mayor's office in the small charming City Hall is, "A Bene Placito". The unofficial motto of the town, written in chalk over the bar at "Infurio", the town drinking establishment, is "Si usted habla con mí, le golpearé con el pie en la cabeza." Yikes! CM Evans Cartoons

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