Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cartoon - Gee Wiz

We're clicking along here, put up a new cartoonograph on the site today, titled "Gee Wiz". Had a hard time coming up with a good title for this puppy. I wish I could post and not have a title, but the main site isn't set up that way. Tell you what -- first person who comments here on this posting, I'll send you a signed copy of any cartoon you want. Or I'll send you a signed canned ham. Go for the ham. CM Evans Cartoons


(d.d.c.) said...

this a problem that i find occurs all too often. people nowadays are so quick to settle every disagreement with rectangle molds and bags of quick drying cement. they so rarely talk.

and least when our parents were kids, there was no such thing as "quick-drying" cement, so thay had more time to rethink their actions.

incidentally, this is ultimately the reason my parents got married.

CM said...

Thanks for the comment! Some people prefer chains and a big heavy rock. And they have the nerve to call themselves "purists".

(BTW - D opts for the signed cartoon. It is on its way.)