Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cartoon - Hurled / aDOoDk RgSCceq

I go look at an old journal entry on my website, and this is what it says:

"qKcibaDOoDkRgSCceq qaDYovqmbo FkAnQBMXtXaZnWrpHm YMOvuEDXVVa DUwrMTJVuMQQKhdG."


"qKcib aDOoDk RgSCceq qaD Yovqmbo FkA nQB MXtXaZnWrpHm YMOv uEDXVVa DU wrMTJV."

Not to be confused with:

"qK cibaD Oo DkRg SCc eq qa DY ovqm bo FkAn QBM XtX aZnWrp Hm YMOv uED X VVa DUwr MTJV uMQ QKh dG."

See? No? Go read them each again.

I mean, when cibaD goes MXtXaZnWrpHm, you get QBM XtX no matter how many ovqm's or XtX's come along, right?


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Everything n Nothing At All said...

so being hurled out headfirst is bad?

CM said...

LOL -- I guess if it happens enough to someone, it is meant to be, therefore, not bad for them at all! Some of us were built to be hurled like a javelin.