Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cartoon - Tootsie Eggs

Hmmmmm...I think that farmers around the world have other problems, more serious problems -- like rust, blight, hail, snow, drought, mechanical failure, and the like. Plus, here's something else to consider: Do you know how many wars started out in a framer's front pasturage? I won't tell you, but battles & farming collide violently throughout history. Go ask a farmer! When was the last time you bothered? Farmers know things!

I knew a fellow named Fred who grew up on a dairy, and he said the lifestyle is no fun, no fun at all. You have to get up every morning at 1 AM, then 3 AM, then 5 AM, then 7 AM to milk the cows, or their udders will explode. Plus the cows yell when the milk is about to come out. And now I'll go eat some yogurt and think about this. CM Evans Cartoons

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