Wednesday, June 01, 2011


I read that DC Comics is unleashing a new universe of superheros, part of their strategy to become no.1 in all comic books/ comicbookdom -- and I knew exactly what they were getting at, so I sat down and I drew a few superguys myself. It turned out to be no trouble at all, coming up with these, I must be a natural at this kind of thing. I'm sure when I go to the DC Comics website and see their all new superhero lineup, my intrepid crime-fighters will fit perfectly -- irresistibly rounding out the forces fighting the increasing fight that should be fought, and fought hard.

I'll send them the sketches, rhetorically, I ask: How could a story of do-gooding and moral reconciliation NOT include the universal action concepts of "Captain Permananet Press", or "Boothead Cup of Tea"? CM EVANS CARTOONS


Anonymous said...

Ya he visto algunos hay wedding dress with sleeves

CM said...

Funny, my pal Charlie Ferrabaasits says the same thing. Tiene una pata de palo y los dientes falsos.