Monday, February 14, 2011

Cartoon - My Big Chance

I hear people being lucky in life, when they complain about stuff. Especially when they don't realize how lucky they really are. And you shouldn't discount when someone complains, they can talk, think, and they have something to complain about. In the end, I think it all gets spoiled for most folks, when they understand how good things are going. For me, everything was going fine when the squirters on my windshield worked the other day, and also this morning at 5.30 AM when they wouldn't work at all. It gives me a fine point of perspective. When the squirters were working, two of the jets shot over the top of the truck. With them not working, I save window-washing fluid. The truck works through it all, and it is like me, a hooptie. CM Evans Cartoons

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