Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cartoon - Over-Stimulated

Other than being over-stimulated, I've become so much more relaxed. No more meeting total strangers at a hotel bar, having a drink with them, driving to the airport, getting into a private plane, flying to the border, landing on the road of a private gated community, breaking into the clubhouse, stealing booze from the bar, playing pool until 4 AM, jumping back into the plane when the cops arrive, flyng back to the airport, and getting a cab ride home by 7 AM. Oh, I almost forgot -- on the flight back, holding our beers, the pilot says "OK -- when I tell you to let go of your beers, let go of your beers!" And then he puts the plane into a steep dive several times this way, so you can see how zero gravity makes your beer hang in the air in front of your face. Also, welcome to SRIDHAR. CM EVANS CARTOONS

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