Friday, October 24, 2008

Cartoon - Come On

I wanted to post this cartoon yesterday, but I had some bizarre (sp?) computer issues that took me hours to fix. And I'm not sure why what I ended up doing fixed my problems, but no virus(s), and now things seem to be normal. Now, regarding this cartoon, when I was uploading it, I realized that it isn't crystal clear which person is trying to figure out the "come on". The guy or the gal could be the furious figurer, or figuree. Do women work as hard as guys do, trying to figure out what to say? I was never too good at this, so I'd try just coming out and saying I liked them. And that didn't work so well, either. Best "come on" I ever saw was in NYC, with Todd Z, waiting for the train to Brooklyn. Todd can talk to total strangers in this freindly, disarming way -- I thought he knew the girl he was talking to, but then the train came and it wasn't hers and I never saw that beautiful girl again. CM Evans Cartoons

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