Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cartoon - You Don't Have to Play It

I'm old school. Seriously OLD SCHOOL. How far back? I dunno, I think I drew this "Blue Folio" styled cartoon in about 1885 -- I mean 1985, still in high school & Ronald Reagan was president. CDs were a hot new technology (DVDs were not yet perfected) and we all had to have our Walkmans. ATM machines were starting to show up, New Wave was exploding on MTV and VH1, we were a few years before the first Gulf War. Remember Gulf War I? Kids didn't have cell phones, not even pagers yet, you were cool if you had an answering machine, a beta video tape deck, or an Atari game system. My computer was an Apple II plus with 56K, later upgraded to a smoking 112K with dual floppy disk drives. Did you know the Apple II plus cost about 3K out the door? In 1985! CM Evans Cartoons


Josh Maday said...

this is now one my favorite CM Evans cartoons. yes indeed.

CM said...

Hey, try it for real. Seriously, get two hammers, find a piano, and go at it. This should be an Olympic event.