Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Wishing you a happy slappy dappy Halloween. We're gonna have about 6,000 kids show up at the door wanting candy and I'll give them pennies and apples and there will be a old fashioned riot and my house will get burned to the ground, most likely. Quick costume tips -- old sheet with holes for eyes at the last minute is a ghost costume, but the sheet must be white, no floral patterns. Not allowed to cut up the sheets? Burnt cork smeared under the eyes and floppy clothes with a silly hat makes you a "Bum". Absolutely stuck? Get out the Santa suit and confuse everyone why Santa is early this year. Put burnt cork under your eyes wearing the Santa suit, roll around in the twigs and leaves, throw some mud on the beard, and be a zombie dead Santa. Beware, some mothers of small kiddies will curse you. Have a happy time, even if you are finally 1,000 years too old to trick-or-treat. CM Evans Cartoons

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