Saturday, March 17, 2007

Link Added - The Southern California Cartoonists Society

I swear I thought I already had a link to the Southern California Cartoonists Society, I've been a member of the SCCS for about 4 years now. Members of the SCCS include Jim Whiting (the founding member and original president), syndicated award winning cartoonist Greg Evans, and others of all ages. My daughter Phoebe, who is 8, is a member. She joined when she was 6. The SCCS meets once a month in downtown San Diego, and another time in the same month in north county San Diego. The SCCS even puts out a monthly newsletter, called "A Slice of Wry" with updated, cartoons, and news & whatnot. A great bunch of people, I've missed quite a few meetings lately, but I'm making it up by going as much as possible now. Hey, the SCCS even has a store, where you can buy shirts and stuff with their cute mascot. And be sure to check out the SCCS links page too.

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