Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cartoon - Wild Comb

I had a comb like this once -- born free, free as the wind blows, free to be you and me, baby it was born to run, etc. CM Evans Cartoons


Josh Maday said...

I knew a guy who owned a wild comb. He kept it in his back pocket. But one day he felt a tickle, reached back and, paradoxically, found his comb missing. It turns out the comb had chewed through the pocket, gotten into his pants and gone wild right there. X-rays later located the comb in the guy's colon. The guy was embarrassed, but he felt better when the x-rays went for $75 on ebay. At least that's how I heard the story.

CM, you are the lord of random brilliance and I am blinded by your hilarity, and also the tears squeezed out by laughter. Good stuff, as usual.

CM said...

While in college, to save money, I'd get a pair of electric clippers and put on the 1/8th inch guard and zip my hair off when it got too long -- or longer than about an inch, I suppose. I'd also wear a green army mechanic's jumpsuit that was 4 sizes too big and fill all the pockets with books. People knew me as the bald kid in the floppy jumpsuit full of books.