Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cartoon - Handy

It is important to know how to fix things. CM Evans Cartoons


Josh Maday said...

"It is important to know how to fix things."

The following comment is sort of off topic, but this is the greatest bit of advice to the first-time homeowner. My god, there is nothing truer. First you must fix the blown hose on the dishwasher, then mop up what leaked through the downstairs ceiling; then you must fix everything you broke with your words while you were pretending to be a man about it all.

CM said...

Staying off topic: The first major task I did when we moved into a new house was cut a giant hole in the laundry room door for a cat-door. It seemed to be a simple task on the outset, but de-evolved into an epic and messy struggle. Since then, every major task that has come up has resulted in the need for a few more tools, half of which I can use reasonably well as they are intended to be used without hurting myself. My first rule though, in attempting to repair, realign, redo, rehang, adjust, flip, tighten, cut, shorten, lengthen, stain, buff, or modify is be sober. Or at least start out sober. :-)