Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cartoon no. 800 - The Flag of Splat

This here is the 800th cartoon posted to CM Evans Cartoons. When we get to 1,000 there will be free ham for everyone. Where is the country of Splat? I'm glad you asked. It is a small principality near Lichtenstein, and was formed in the 16th century when a few of people from Hohenems got drunk and had a fight. One guy in the Rathaus said "Fine, you're a stinking cheat at cards, so I'm not going to play with you anymore, and I'm going to set up my own country over there." Because Splat is smaller than Lichtenstein, if you miss seeing Lichtenstein because a tree was in the way -- you'll certainly miss seeing Splat. CM Evans Cartoons

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